Boost Your Roofing Business With 5-Star Customer Experiences

Signpost and The Catch-All for better marketing

First, You Need Better Marketing

In an industry like roofing, it’s important to have a stellar marketing strategy in order to beat out the ever-growing competition. At The Catch-All, we’re all about helping you scale your marketing efforts to grow your roofing business.

What marketing strategy do you have now?

Do you have someone who posts on your social media once a week with little to no traction?

Are you knocking on doors hoping that someone will take a moment to listen?

See, there’s nothing inherently bad about those things. The problem is that EVERY roofer is doing them. And you need to be doing something different if you truly want to stand out.

With our system, you’ll have the best marketing strategy of any roofer in town.


Create Happy Homeowners

When Heath Hicks purchased AVCO Roofing, he found that one of the biggest struggles throughout the company was callbacks. Though he and the company took great pride in the job that was done, callbacks about damaged bushes or leftover nails popping a clients’ tire were still a frequent issue. Perfect customer satisfaction felt like an impossible goal, but he kept pushing to find a solution.

After spending thousands on the best magnets out there, buying metal detectors for the crews, and even paying crews more for extra clean job sites, still none of those efforts achieved the goal.

Out of this frustration, Heath became the Co-Inventor of The Catch-All Landscape Protection Kit to cover an entire job site and prevent nails and debris from ever hitting the ground. It was never meant to be more than a product for AVCO Roofing to use. But after seeing how well it worked, Heath knew it needed to be shared with roofers everywhere. 

In using our Landscape Protection Kits you’ll find that homeowners will really appreciate the extra step you’ve taken to ensure the safety of their home during your work.  

Not only will they run to tell their friends about “that netting system” you used on their home, which will get you more referrals, but with our HUGE banners strung across the job site, you’ll become the talk of the entire town.

The Catch-All Landscape Protection Kit naturally makes passerbys turn their head. And when they do, it’s the perfect marketing opportunity for you. Because not only will they immediately know who you are by the displayed banners, BUT the positive brand association of you caring properly for the home will be unmatched with neighborhood competition.


Respond Instantly With Signpost 

It’s important to be prepared for an influx of new leads in your business. Otherwise, what should be a growth season, could quickly turn into a season of 1-Star Reviews. Because if you can’t respond in a reasonable amount of time, not only will you experience lost business but you’ll leave a bad taste to your potential clients.

That’s why we’d love to encourage you to sign up for Signpost, so you never lose a lead again.

With the Signpost App, you’ll be able to respond to leads instantly.

So even when you’re not at your desk, you have the ability to quickly and efficiently get back to new leads through the ease of their app. You can decide how to receive calls and texts by turning it on and turning it off whenever you need it. Now, Top-Notch Customer Communication is readily available at your fingertips so you can communicate with your clients anytime, anywhere.


5-Star Reviews Are The Best Way To Market Your Roofing Business

Customer Satisfaction is a vital part of marketing your business for success. And because of the stand-out nature of using Signpost alongside The Catch-All Landscape Protection Kit, you’ll be left with a plethora of growing leads and 5-Star Reviews in no time.

And guess what? You’ll become the obvious choice when someone Googles “Top roofers in my area” as the Signpost app also helps boost your online visibility. More reviews means better ranking on Google, Facebook, Home Advisor, and more.

We know there’s a lot that goes into getting a 5-Star Review and maintaining that as your overall rating. So, Heath (Owner of Avco Roofing & Co-Inventor of The Catch-All) sat down in an exclusive interview with Signpost to discuss what it REALLY takes to do that.

It comes down to what you're willing to do for your customers. Are you willing to show up on time? To do what you said you would? To communicate efficiently?

Watch the video below to find out more: