You have questions. We have answers.

Before we get into it, a really common question we get is: Why not just use tarps? Here's a video to answer that question.

If you replace your tarps and OSB six times per year, you will spend $3,690 per year.  At $2500, The Catch-All offers big savings and we have seen kits last more than two years.

Questions about the Catch-All

Got questions about the product itself? See if they're answered here.

Tarps cause some major issues: They blow away, burn grass/shrubs, and tear easily. The Catch-All’s Ground and Landscape Nets solve all these problems. They also reduce clean-up time. VIDEO

Our crews have been using our original prototype kit five days a week for well over a year, and we’ve only seen light wear. The system has only been improved upon since. VIDEO

While The Catch-All Chute Nets are designed to catch small items like nails and bits of underlayment, the Ground Nets will hold heavy loads of many squares of shingles. VIDEO

The Catch-All bundle can typically be set up by 2-3 workers in under 20 minutes, although that can change depending on the complexity of the home and landscaping. VIDEO

Once the bulk of the shingle load is in the trailer, The Catch-All system can typically be cleaned up by 2-3 workers in 30 minutes or less. VIDEO

The nets are suspended from specially designed poles with padded tops that lean against the building. VIDEO

Questions about the ordering process

Quick answers to things you may be wondering about the Catch-All ordering process.

When you order a Landscape Protection Kit, you'll receive an email with instructions. Or, you can visit: thecatchall.wetransfer.com to send your logo to us and we'll match it to your company.

Your Job Site Protection Kit will ship, typically 7-10 business days AFTER banner approval.

Orders not including Job Site Protection Kits typically ship within 1-3 business days.

If you're dissatisfied with our product, reach out to us at support@thecatchall.com to start a refund/return conversation.

Because of the rough nature of our industry, we cannot warranty The Catch-All kits. However, if you have an issue that you believe to be a manufacturer's defect, please give us a call.