Years of product testing. Hurdles overcome. Awards won. Truly different outcomes.

Why the Catch-All?

Early on at AVCO Roofing, we found ourselves doing a great job on someone’s roof—only to get a call later about a damaged bush or a nail in a lawnmower tire. Perfect customer satisfaction felt like an impossible goal, but we kept pushing to find a solution.

We spent thousands on the best magnets out there, bought metal detectors for our crews, and even paid crews more for extra clean job sites. None of those efforts achieved our goal.

Out of this frustration we developed The Catch-All to cover an entire job site.

The system has worked so well for our crews and customers that we know it's something we should share with the world.
Heath, The Catch-All Founder



With 10+ years of experience in the roofing industry, Heath has worked his way up from project manager to owner of AVCO Roofing in Tyler, TX. Heath is working to change in the roofing industry for the better and constantly seeking a better way forward.


In his first year at AVCO Roofing, Eric was the highest grossing salesman and he quickly learned the value of a clean jobsite. Now focusing his time toward the development of The Catch-All, Eric’s aim is to help other roofing contractors install more roofs for happy homeowners.

Perfecting the Product


We tested the Catch-All on jobsites for more than a year before releasing it to the public.

The Launch

With nearly 400 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook, we knew we were doing something right. It wasn't only great quality of work, smart marketing, or dedicated customer care, it was all of the above. We launched the Catch-All publicly in 2018. Our crews were putting our prototype kits to the test daily for over a year prior and seeing great results, and we wanted to help other companies experience the relationships we were with our customers and make more money.

most innovative product in roofing

Pushing the Industry Forward

Growing Pains

There were a lot of folks who adopted the Catch-All quickly and we received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. While we were recognized as truly being innovative, we ran into some hiccups.

Heath in China

Tariff Wars

We're still testing and improving our product.

only perfection for you.


We've managed to decrease shipping times, make it easier for you to get your logo onto our product, and even cut pricing due to manufacturing efficiencies. Who knows what's in store next.


What are you waiting for?

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